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BACKGROUND To export CSV files from Oracle DB Options to export csv from Oracle   Option 1: Using the   Oracle SQL Developer : Connect to the database you want to export Select the table you want to export Open context menu by right clicking on the table Select   Export   to start the integrated   Export Wizard To guarantee a proper export, you should deselect the option   Export DDL Change format to csv and set the path for the exported file Click   Next   to continue The following screen allows you to specify the columns you want to export (SELECT *… by default) Use the   Edit-Button   to change settings - otherwise you can proceed by clicking   Next Finally, you will receive a summary for the export process Make sure that your settings are valid and complete the export by clicking   Finish Notes: Oracle SQL Developer   automatically converts NULL to "" (empty string) Oracle SQL Developer   automatically masks double quotes ("Example" -> ""Example"")   Option 2): Using   SQLcl:SQLcl   is a free tool provided by Oracle. (Download: (Short documentation about how to get started and some of its features: Connect to the database you want to export To guarantee a proper export of your data, you have to change some of the system variables of   SQLcl: o   SET SQLFORMAT csv   (automatic conversion into proper csv) o   SET TERMOUT OFF   (suppresses output on display - this option is only necessary when using scripts) o   SET FEEDBACK OFF   (suppresses displaying the number of records returned by a query) To apply each option, just press   ENTER   after every single command Note: These options have to be set every time   SQLcl   is started! Use the integrated spooler with the appended file path to start the process SQLcl  will write the result set of your  SELECT-statement  to  table1.csv To finish the process, you have to stop the spooler by using the command:  spool off Notes: o You are not able to access the exported csv file until you stopped the spooler o  SQLcl  automatically masks double quotes (“Example” -> “”Example””) o  SQLcl  automatically converts NULL to “” (empty string)
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