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BACKGROUND To export CSV files from IBM DB2 Options to export csv from IBM DB2   Option 1: Using the   IBM command line processor: Connect to the database you want to export.   Use the EXPORT TO-command combined with a SELECT query to export a table (Documentation: ) We recommend to apply following parameters to ensure compatible formatting for your exported csv file: o   MODIFIED BY datesiso -> exports dates in ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD) o   MODIFIED BY timestampformat=”YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS” -> exports timestamps in selected format o   COALESCE(column,’’) -> checks if content of data field equals   NULL   and replaces it with “” (empty string) if necessary. This addition is needed for every selected column that allows   NULL   values. Example: Additional Notes: IBM command line processor   automatically masks double quotes ("Example" -> ""Example"")   Option 2: Using the   IBM Data Studio: Connect to the database you want to export Select the table you want to export Open context menu by right clicking on the table Select the option   Unload   ->   With Export Utility   to open the integrated export tool Select   JDBC   as   Run method Pick your path and file name for the csv file To specify additional options, select the tab called   Options   (top left) To ensure a compatible format for your csv file, you should check the available control boxes as follows Click  Run  to start exporting the table You will find the csv file in your selected path Additional Notes: IBM Data Studio   automatically converts   NULL   to "" (empty string) IBM Data Studio   automatically masks double quotes ("Example" -> ""Example"")
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