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Background Hadoop ETL UDFs are the main way to load data from Hadoop into EXASOL (HCatalog tables on HDFS). In order to deploy the ETL UDFs, you need to set up the connectivity between EXASOL and Hadoop. This SOL describes the network requirements to do this. For a full description of using Hadoop ETL UDFs, refer to the Hadoop ETL UDFs document on github: Connectivity Requirements All EXASOL nodes need access to either the Hive Metastore (recommended) or to WebHCatalog: The   Hive Metastore   typically runs on port   9083   of the Hive Metastore server (hive.metastore.uris property in Hive). It uses a native Thrift API, which is faster than WebHCatalog. The   WebHCatalog server   (formerly called Templeton) typically runs on port   50111   on a specific server (templeton.port property). All EXASOL nodes need access to the namenode and all datanodes, either via the native HDFS interface (recommended) or via the HTTP REST API (WebHDFS or HttpFS) HDFS   (recommended): The namenode service typically runs on port 8020 (fs.defaultFS property), the datanode service on port   50010   or   1004   in Kerberos environments (dfs.datanode.address property) WebHDFS: The namenode service for WebHDFS typically runs on port   50070   on each namenode (dfs.namenode.http-address property), and on port   50075   (dfs.datanode.http.address property) on each datanode. If you use HTTPS, the ports are   50470   for the namenode (dfs.namenode.https-address) and   50475   for the datanode (dfs.datanode.https. address). HttpFS: Alternatively to WebHDFS you can use HttpFS, exposing the same REST API as WebHDFS. It typically runs on port   14000   of each namenode. The disadvantage compared to WebHDFS is that all data are streamed through a single service, whereas webHDFS redirects to the datanodes for the data transfer. Kerberos: If your Hadoop uses Kerberos authentication, the UDFs will authenticate using a keytab file. Each EXASOL node needs access to the Kerberos KDC (key distribution center), running on port   88. The KDC is configured in the kerberos config file, which is used for the authentication.
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