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This article describes how to fix some syntax errors with Scripts when using DbVisualizer.


When trying to create a script using DbVisualizer, you may get a popup to insert values for variables, like this:



If you just hit "Continue", the database will then more than likely throw a syntax error on your script, even though the code is correct. 


DbVisualizer supports several different type of "Parameter Markers", which look like:


If your UDF contains one of these markers, DbVisualizer will assume that it is a parameter and will ask you to insert a value for that parameter, even though you don't intend for this to be one. You can read more about these Markers in DbVisualizer's documentation


You can disable "Parameterized SQL" in DBVIsualizer. Go to SQL Commander in the top menu -> SQL Commander Options -> Uncheck “Parameterized SQL”. Then try to create your script again. This time, you should not be prompted to insert values.



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