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Team Exasol
Team Exasol

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It is possible to read data from Google BiqQuery to Exasol using IMPORT FROM JDBC command. Steps to configure the connection are described in documentation: Loading Data from Google BigQuery.

However, with default settings for Simba BigQuery JDBC driver starting from version IMPORT FROM JDBC command might fail with error like

SQL Error [ETL-5]: JDBC-Client-Error: Failed to receive MetaData:
[Simba][BigQueryJDBCDriver](100032) Error executing query job.
Message: Transaction control statements are supported only in scripts or sessions
(Session: 1743494825607364608)


The error is caused by the following change in the Simba BigQuery JDBC driver:

[GBQJ-566] Transaction API support

   The connector now supports JDBC transaction APIs. BigQuery supports 
   multi-statement transactions inside a single query, or across multiple 
   queries, when using sessions. For more information about transactions, see:
   To use transaction APIs, and work with transactions across multiple 
   queries, set the EnableSession property to 1. For more information about
   sessions, see:

Change log: release-notes_1.3.0.1001.txt


One might fix the above mentioned error by adding the following parameter to BiqQuery JDBC connection string:


So the full connection string will look like


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