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Table of Contents:


What is the Knowledge Base?

The Knowledge Base is a collection of living documents maintained by Exasol and the Community. These documents can be how-to guides, explanations, best practices, or anything that you think might be useful for someone else to know. Formerly, it was called the solution center and is split up into 4 different categories:


Category Content
Connect with Exasol This category contains articles describing how to connect to and from Exasol with various third parties, for example ETL, connecting to other databases, connecting to BI Tools, using the Exasol Drivers, ETL UDF's and more. 
Database Features This category contains articles describing how to work with core database features, including best practices, SQL, Lua Scripting, performance, transactions, users & roles, DBA tools, and more.
Data Science This category contains articles describing how to use Exasol for Data Science, including guides using various programming languages, best practices for UDF's, and more.
Environment Management This category contains articles describing how to manage the environment around the database, but not the database itself, including topics like managing hardware, Exasol in the Cloud, Exaoperation, monitoring tools, Linux administration, installation & upgrades, plugins, and more.


How can I contribute?

There are many ways that the community can contribute to the Knowledge Base. Generally, we try to update articles anytime that we come across a problem and notice that something needs to updated, but it's also very likely that community members may notice improvements to articles or want to add new content. In that sense, the Knowledge Base will continue to expand, and each article can be further improved. You can contribute in the following ways:


Nominate topics to the Knowledge Base

If you find that a thread is particularly helpful, you can nominate the thread to the be basis for a knowledge base article. To do this, just click "Options" on the right side of the screen and select "Nominate to Knowledge Base".

Nominate an Discussion to Knowledge BaseNominate an Discussion to Knowledge Base

Once it's nominated, another member of the community can approve the topic and start working on the article.


Give Kudos!

Kudos are extremely important because it signifies to other community members that the content is helpful. The more Kudos an article, the more likely it is to show up elsewhere in the community and can help others. If an article helped you, please click the "Kudos" button!


Comment on Knowledge Base Articles

If you notice a problem, you can also comment directly on the article itself and let the author know that something might need to be changed or that something didn't work as you expected. Then the author can go and update the article accordingly. 


Edit Knowledge Base Articles

Once you reach a certain rank in the community, you can edit some articles yourself. To do this, just click on Options and click "Edit Article". When editing an article, you are creating a brand new version, so any changes you make won't be visible right away. When you are done, you can Request to Publish and a member of Exasol can finally publish the newer version, replacing the older one. 


Create Knowledge Base Articles

Once you reach a certain rank, you'll also be able to create new Knowledge Base Articles yourself. The article will be published in your name, and you can share helpful tips and tricks that you've learned while using Exasol. To create an article, go to the category that you think is most appropriate for your article and click on the "Start an article" button on the right:

Create Knowledge Base ArticleCreate Knowledge Base Article


Choose the template that fits your needs best:

Choose  Knowledge Base TemplateChoose Knowledge Base Template







Type away, choose Labels to make the artikle easier to find for users and then...

Create Knowledge Base ArticleCreate Knowledge Base Article

Once you're happy with your article, click on "Save and Request Publication". Our team will take a final look at the article for completeness of the content, and can finally publish it and open it to the community. If there's any problems that we spot during the review process, the reviewer will work with the author to improve the content where needed.










Tips for creating Knowledge Base Articles


A great Knowledge Base Article should be clear enough that someone who is just getting started can follow it and understand what the content is. With that in mind, keep these things in mind when creating and editing your Knowledge Base Articles:

  • Choose the correct category (see a description above)
  • Follow a pre-formatted template
  • Choose Labels that are most appropriate for your article
  • Use Labels to show which versions are compatible with the article
  • Add additional references and links to other articles where applicable
  • Create a nice teaser to show in the list - a little taste of what's to come
  • Add as much context to the problem as possible - articles with just a string of queries and commands aren't very useful if you don't know why they are there in the first place.
  • Pictures tell a thousand words - they are highly recommended, and help break up the article into legible chunks
  • Create a table of content at the top

With your help, the Knowledge Base will be a wealth of information for all Exasol users!