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Using Direct Messages in the Community

Using a direct message is an easy way to follow up on a question, or comment on an article or going deeper without being too public.
(Don't spam and please remember the Community Guidelines) There are a few simple steps to follow to enable you to send messages


1. Make sure Direct Messages work for your account

Direct messaging is enabled for all users that have a verified e-Mail Adress. So, first we need to make sure your account is able to send and receive Messages:
There are three simple steps to ensure you have the right to send messages. If you see the envelope beside your Profile Picture on top of the page, you are already enabled.

If not...
Verify E-Mail AccountVerify E-Mail Account

- Klick on the Profile Icon and select "mySettings", you can also change the picture if you want.

- Check if "Email verification status" is on verified and "Don't send me any communication emails" is not ticked.

- If your account is not verified, press "Send me the verification e-mail again" and proceed.

If this does not work or you have any other issue - send an e-mail to Community@exasol.com and we will help you.

Verify E-MailVerify E-Mail

Verify your E-Mail (might be in your Spam)

 - you should now see the Envelope beside your Profile Picture
   (you changed it, didn't you?)

2. See your inbox and checking Messages


Messaging System InboxMessaging System Inbox

- Usually you should now see the Envelope on top of your page and it has a red number indicating the number of unread direct messages.

- If you click on the Symbol it takes you to your direct messaging inbox

- to read any of the messages, just klick on the message and it will sho the message on the right

- to Reply. Just go to the REPLY box on the bottom and start typing away.
(BTW: You Should always reply to messages from me...
Looking forward to hear from you)


Message Options:





In every Message you have the Option to flag a message as Inappropriate. Although we try to moderate users as closely as possible, to keep the community a healthy place. We are aware that there might be occasions when something slips or escalate. If you feel the need to do so, please Report Immediately so we can take action.

Manage in MessageManage in Message

A Community is the perfect place to make friend. Now you can add friends in messages or when you go to their profile page. This will highlight their activities and makes it easier to find them.
Manage in overviewManage in overview On top of the Inbox you also find more general options, like access to the Friends and Ignored list. And Batch Processing.


3. Sending a new Message

Manage in overviewManage in overview

To create a new message from your Inbox, you click on the green Symbol to bring up the "Create New Message" Window

Create a new MessageCreate a new Message

To add recipients, just start typing the username. As soon as you enter three or more characters it will provide you with a list of potential users. (users without enabled messaging will not be shown)

- If you need more options to format your message you will find three little dots in the message body to give you access to more options.

- You need write more than fits your message window. The triangle at the bottom right of the window allows you to scale the window

- Done? Just Cancel 😉 or send your message.

Send Message from ProfileSend Message from Profile

You have seen an article, or a reply that sparks your interest. But you do not want to ask in public?

- Klick on the Username of the User you want to contact

- Klick on "Send Message" and you can reach out to them directly

I hope this helps you using the Direct Messaging System in the community. If you have any further questions, just send me a Direct Message...

hmmm. or may be a mail to community@exasol.com if the messaging does not work.


We're happy to get your experiences and feedback on this article below!