Community Manager
Community Manager

Whether you are using Communities for years (remember dial up communities?) or brand new to the World of Communities. We hope these tips help with your Exasol Community experience.


1. Community Guidelines - knowing the guidelines to the Exasol Community is a great way for you to know what's allowed so that you and others play safe. 


2. Explore - The Exasol Community has something for everyone! From Best Practices content in our Knowledge Base to our popular Usergroups happening online and locally around the globe. Make sure you check out what Exasol Community has to offer.


3. Introduce yourself to the Community - Knowing a little about you helps start relationships and bring down barriers. Tell the Community what you do, how you use Exasol and what you would like to become an expert in. Tell us about you!


4. Like Posts - Give credit to the Community members for helping out! Kudos are the lifeblood of any community


5. Ask Questions - We know a lot of people come to the Community to browse and find answers without posting, but did you know that the Exasol Community usually is quite fast to respond? If you post with all the appropriate Exasol information needed, you will get a response! Our Community loves to help each other. Once you post, pass it forward by answering questions yourself. Find out how to post here.


6. Provide a lot of Information - Our Community of Exasol Experts needs as much information as possible to help you as quickly as possible. Remember, the more information you provide and the clearer you are as to what you want to accomplish will get you a faster answer. Community members use Exasol for many reasons, but many won't know your industry or use case, but they know the tools.


We hope these tips provide some guidance for a great Exasol Community experience. If you're unsure or need help, just ask the Community and we'll help you out!