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What is an Idea and when to launch it?

An idea is related to Exasol Software, the Exasol Ecosystem (e.g. BI, ETL etc.) and the community platform itself. An Idea should be created if you see or notice something that should be included in the software. Or where we should be better connected to the world around us, or if you think that something would be easier for our users in the community. 

It gets voted by other users with Kudos or Stars and it is then run through a process to fine tune the Idea and get priorities and business value attached to it. At the end of the process, the idea will either be developed or declined. 

What is not an Idea? Bugs should go to support as usual. One liners like: We should have a connection with "name odd software that no one has heard of" without a short validation, you get this.

This is the new Ideation
  • Public Ideation: Engage -> Ideas
    • This is open to all registered Users, Customers and Partners (no longer only those with support access)
    • They can create Ideas, Comment, Vote etc.
    • Please subscribe to the forum and check back regularly.


How do I use the Exasol Idea Forum?


1. Start an Idea

Enter the Employee Idea Board under Engage


& click the “Suggest Idea” button here:




2. Check for existing Idea

The system automatically checks if this Idea or an article with a similar content already exists. If you want to proceed, click “Continue and Post”:



3. Is everything in the system?


In the Idea you have full editing power, you can add Code (SQL, Lua etc.), and attach Documents below.

Make sure you have written down all the necessary information, keep it short and crisp but add a short reasoning why you need this.




Select at least one of the designated labels to identify the Category of your Idea, if missing choose "Other" and mention in the text. We then can add Labels over time.

You can not save the Idea without a label

SEO is not important for Ideas.

Happy? Then Press the button "Post". You can always come back later and edit your idea.


You will get notified if you get a comment or a status update on your idea. If you don’t please check your notification settings.

If you further questions about the Ideas Page, please contact the Community Team @exa-Chris and @exa-MathiasHo 



We're happy to get your experiences and feedback on this article below!