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How do I post a question on the Exasol Community?


To post a question, all you have to do is navigate to the appropriate discussion forum and select the "Start a Topic" button on the top right or on the bottom of the page.


Start a Topic 1.JPG


On the post page you have access to basic formatting functions. If you are missing anything you can expand the editor by clicking on the three dots. In addition to filling out the subject & body fields, you are can select a label from the right side of the page.


Start a Topic 2.JPG



To help make it easier for your fellow Community members to assist, we recommend including the following information (if available):

  • What Exasol Version are you using?
  • Do you have a a Query you can share? (only share data if you are sure its not confidential)
  • What about a Screenshot?
  • What does the results look like? (original data vs. final output)
  • How would one replicate the issue?
  • Did you receive an error message?

If you want to report a bug in the software and you are a customer or partner, please reach out to our Support here: Launch a Support Ticket