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Exasol Alumni

Exasol Usergroups

Exasol usergroups are targeted to deliver a plattform for those who dive deeper into the do's and dont's of the Database. Plus they give the participants from Customers, Partners and Prospects the chance to interact and talk without Marketing and Sales present. Lear, connect and discuss as deep as they want. SQL, Python or LUA are languages frequently spoken on these events. Usergroups happen in two flavours,

  • Local Usergroups - by region or city. These are dedicated to bring a local exchange to our users and a regular update about Exasol. So far we had usergroups all across Europe and larger Userdays in the US. Pizza and Beverages are a key component of those event.
  • Virtual Usergroups - those are also driven by at least one customer presenting their latest ideas, projects and architecture. Sometime it covers the development of a few years with Exasol. Sometimes a recent project or even a dedicated look into a sideline of code available in GitHub. We try to have these groups at times when users from a broad range of territories can take part and enjoy the content.

Where can I find the upcoming Usergroups

The easiest way to be up to date on all webinars and usergroups is to subcribe to our Webinar Section on the Portal:
this way you will get an Alert everytime we announce a technical Webinar, a Partner presentation or a new Usergroup.
Note: If you can not subscribe via the Options on the Page, please make sure you are Logged In and your E-Mail Adress is confirmed.

How do I take part in a usergroup?

Each Usergroup or Webinar in the list will have the location noted and include a link to register for the event. This might be a simple RSVP or a registration link to attend the webinar. Please make sure you register early (especially for real Events) so that we can plan the room, catering and follow up accordingly.

For virtual Events this is a lot easier, but it also eases the mind of the team and the presenters when they know how many participants they have to 'face'.

At most Usergroups you also have the chance to place questions to the team or presentor prior to the presentation. Simply add you question to the Webinar or in the Usergroup section.

Where do I find the content after the presentations?

What and how much we can show, depends a little bit on the content and the presentors. Some content might be under NDA or restricted for a live audience by the presentors company. We try to record every web session and make them available. In addition we will upload all available Presentation PDFs in the Usergroup section.


The access to the usergroup content is limited to registered users and to participants of the usergroups. You need to be logged in, and apply to join the usergroup.

Simply klick on the Usergroup of your choice and "SEND REQUEST TO JOIN". The Community Team will approve the access for users as quick as possible.

I hope this gives you a first introduction to Exasol Usergroups.

We're happy to get your experiences and feedback on this article below! 

Looking forward to see you soon

Christian Langmayr